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Auntie Prism
(stardust savant)
01/14/11 04:56 PM
Electioneering [re: ohramona]  

Indeed you did. I recall you lost narrowly to one of the two finalists, although I can barely remember any of the results except my own. (My victories are here withheld, with characteristic modesty.)

But the point is, if we were to imagine a re-run of the Mr/Ms TW competition split along male/female lines, using the names I mentioned above, it's difficult to see any of the holders of early customised titles beating their female 'equivalents'.

For example, while Dukewhite was something of a Bowie specialist, his frequent forays into humour couldn't match yours or anisette's. (1) Dice started many interesting threads on music and politics, yet his arguments lacked the explanatory force of a Wildwind or Starlite. (2) Ditto Glitterbot, for that matter. And arguably, she was more successful than Wraith in delivering pithy putdowns of Stu. (3) Similarly, there's something of Phoenix's whimsical humour in JarethsGirl, although I suspect that Phoenix is the only 'earlytitler' who had a realistic chance of beating anyone listed above. (4)

Still, the fact remains that TW is now more male-dominated than ever before--something that is arguably a legacy of seeing male role models doing so well and receiving more attention on the boards.

* * * * *

A serious question: does anyone remember how the pairings were decided in the competition? I think at first it was by nationality, and certain countries had a couple of groups because of their size. But I remember beating a certain Australian in the quarter finals, who may or may not have posted on this thread, so how was the knockout stage decided?

1) I assume DW entered the 2005/6 competition but fell early. Yet, because of the Dogzian overtones, his near-entangment of TW in a lawsuit (following his leaking of Heathen) loses him critical points.

2) The fact that I believe Starlite still has compromising photographs of yours truly in tights that must be contained at all costs has no bearing on my generous comments.

3) G-bot gave me one of my first compliments at TW, describing me as awesome, or suchlike. Again, this has not coloured my comments.

4) Because Phoenix destroyed me in the semifinal of the Mr/Ms TW competition, I sensibly conclude that he is unbeatable. But maybe JG could beat him. Who knows?

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