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01/15/11 07:04 PM
Re: We are the dead [re: K]  

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If you were a new fan (or even an old fan) looking for a Bowie MB without further knowledge that you'd be subjected to Dogz and claude if you register at BWW or Infidel if you register at TW, would you rather choose a regularly-updated website with a relatively active message board or a never-updated website with a near-dead message board? I'm not trying to make this into a TW versus BWW competition, I'm just trying to point out the problems we'd be facing. Because there is so little activity people are less likely to join, even if it were possible.

Hasn't there always been a competition, or at least a healthy comparison between "us" (TW) and "them" (BWW)? For as long as I've been a member here, there's been talk about what's going on with BWW. It's not frequent, but it comes up (or used to) on a semi regular basis... when there was talk, people speculated or added their two cents about both sites and then dropped that part of the subject and continued on the conversation; enough said about each. Yeah, we're kind of up shits creek with no paddle on here, but at least there are some posters still lurking about... enough to warrant we stay open even for another 24 hours.

Even the Bnet members that are on here post a healthy comparison thread (or used to).

True, this was supposed to be a Bowie site, but that doesn't mean we have to close the doors since there's been no real thread of evidence He is doing anything. Sure, there are things that come out on the news wire every few months to a year now, but it does get us talking, that's for damn sure. We are trying, right?

I miss claude.

Jareth's speech: Love Me, Fear Me, Do as I say, and I will be your slave. Heathen track: Show me who you are And I would be your slave
Coincidence? I think not.

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