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K Administrator
(thunder ocean)
01/22/11 11:49 AM
Re: So many tears I was searching … [re: Auntie Prism]  

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But the distinction you make between social networking and info exchange appears to counteract K's first point, which I thought was well made. K's first point is that the males at TW were particularly effective in befriending the admin and moderators—i.e. that they excelled in social networking—thus availing themselves more favourable social ties than their female counterparts.

I seem to be particularly vague with my points in the post above. That seems to have characterized much of my writing in this place through-out the time I've been active here: I attempt to be clear and witty and end of being neither (though with the above post I wasn't really even trying as it was the middle of the night).But to clarify: I did not mean to suggest that male posters would be particularly adept in befriending the moderators and admins but that in the peculiar atmosphere of TW they seem to be more adept in social networking in general. Though come to think of it this might be a statistic mirage caused by the fact there were less female posters to start with.

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This is quite a boring question, but I thought that Ohramona could give out titles--I thought she was responsible for the (cook)--so can she not give herself one, so to speak?

If I remember correctly, moderators cannot edit themselves.

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Perhaps you have in mind SugarPlumFairy, who I think is the only female to earn her title by reaching the 5,000 post target. But for every SPF (who, to her credit, never winged or complained about the arguments publicly on the board) there's a PabloPicasso (who certainly complained & threatened to sue), or a Diamond_Dave, or a TJ Newton. I'm not convinced that TW women are averse to having it 'rough' (sorry, there's no other way of phrasing that without passing over it in awkward silence), as evidenced by those named in my original post.

I admit my example was largely based on the two female (ex-)TWers I know personally, SPF and Tuesday's Child (I think that was her username, not 100% certain). I also have a vague memory of there being similar reasons behind Starlite's leaving.

And just for the record, the reason why SPF got her custom title was because I noticed she had passed the line and essentially forced it on her as a last-ditch attempt to make her not leave these boards. She never asked to be granted one as people usually do when passing the 5000 post mark. Furthermore, if I remember correctly Adam initially declined his custom title (though he did change his mind later).

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I think his final farewell message—the one posted by his 'brother' announcing that TJ had died in a car crash—was a failed attempt to guilt trip those that had been particularly opposed to him into feeling sorry for him.

I have a very vague memory that he posed as his sister and not brother, possibly as an attempt to gain additional sympathy.


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