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Auntie Prism
(stardust savant)
01/24/11 06:28 PM
You'll have to swing it [re: Auntie Prism]  

In reply to:

[Ms. Patches] 1) I've been off the TW radar for a bit, so what really happened to Evan - do we really know?

^- I guess this is my main question...

My answer has now been cleared by the relevant authorities and I can reproduce part of a PM which answers it. After you asked, I searched for Evan's name in Google, and found that he had, among other things, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a Youtube account. I have some reservations about re-posting this information on TW, because it has not been posted explicitly on TW. But it can found easily enough through Google. I suppose this is where, in the time-honoured tradition of journalism, I point out that Evan is our leader, that there is considerable interest in information about him, and that it is in the public interest to make it known. And that all this information was obtained legally, of course.


Didn't we mention Evan, a couple of PMs back? It seems we can answer what he's been up to recently simply by googling his name [ edited here to avoid repetition from the above. Just a note that this is some degree speculative ].

From what is stated on his TW profile page (last updated in 1999/2000) he was working in Silicon Valley, and associated with Yahoo. At any rate, the physical address given on his TW profile, the place to send physical mail to, is the Yahoo! Inc. offices. According to his Facebook and Twitter, he still lives in Silicon Valley. He is married to a lawyer. They had a kid around 2 years ago, and there is a video of the kid (a boy) playing in a cart on Evan's Youtube channel. This is the only uploaded video there. All is good. His Twitter and Youtube seem to be updated pretty rarely. It would appear that his Facebook page would be an obvious place to contact him in the event of TW Oopsing down the plughole.

What's more interesting, however, is some of the incidental material on his Twitter and Youtube, which gives indications about his political leanings. Some of the material is computer tech stuff, the rest tends to be science-related. For example, on his Twitter there is a link to the Wall Street Journal discussing the 'Climategate' emails, which, as you probably know was a story that was pushed particularly strongly by a number of right-wing papers. (I'm not sure exactly whether this news was global, sorry!) Being keen on science, I suspect that ethical scientific practice interests him. The article reports that a 'debate' has opened among scientists, as a consequence of the leaks, about whether humans are responsible for climate change. A rent-a-quote scientist comments on the impossibility of being published if you disagree with climate change dogma. I didn't follow the story too closely, but I thought that the initial importance attributed to the leaks had been debunked, namely that the scientists involved were a small circle of colleagues in 1996, who eventually didn't act on what was discussed. But fair enough, I don't really know enough to comment on this.

Then, still on Twitter, Evan has reposted a link to an op-ed in the NYT, on the 'spiralling' costs of Obama's health reforms. The gist of the article is that Obama has worked with imaginary figures that have only partially considered the full range of costs likely to be incurred in the next decade. The piece is written by Douglas Holtz-Eakin from the American Action Forum. Wikipedia informs us that this is a 'centre-right' organisation and that Holtz-Eakin was a former advisor to McCain. The AAF was set up in February 2010.

There are also links to a satirical blog on the subject of Obama's teleprompter, and one to 'typical' feminist arguments against science. The latter is weird and somewhat incoherent as its author claims to be a liberal feminist. Yet the article only discusses a series of strawman arguments that purport to be the substance of feminist criticisms of science (in short, tabloidy feminism), while failing to note what possible legitimate objections feminists might have, or did have, to certain scientific practices. (The very title of the piece is a non sequitur: 'The more feminists distrust science, the more women look like fools'.)

Then, among his 'favourited' Youtube videos are a number computer tech things, and one of those Hitler parody videos from Downfall. The subject is last year's Midterm elections, and shows Hitler freaking out because Obama is no longer able to command a supermajority to push through his socialist agenda. Hitler, naturally, is distraught, presumably because he has plans similar to Obama's. The dodgy political content of the video is reflected in the video rating and shitfest in the comments.


Not that I particularly want to believe that Evan is dumb enough to have joined Mo Tucker as an unlikely Tea Party supporter, cos the guy has a PhD, right?

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