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01/25/11 03:02 AM
Re: So many tears I was searching [re: Quills]  

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(K) I have a very vague memory that he posed as his sister and not brother, possibly as an attempt to gain additional sympathy.

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(Quills) He posted saying he was TJ's younger brother.

I am 100% positive on that.

Here's the infamous post...

Hello everyone.

First of all, I'm not T.J. Newton, but his older brother. I'm able to use his nickname to post a thread here, because Matt (T.J.) was always logged in and we used to work on one computer. I could have made my own username, but I'm afraid I'm too lame to do it.

As you may have noticed, Matt hasn't been posting here since few weeks. What's more, he will never post anything.

My brother and your fellow, Matt a.k.a. T.J. Newton died in a car accident last sunday.

I assume most of you think it's a joke or a hoax, probably you don't even believe I'm Matt's brother. You've got your reasons to think so - all in all, he left and then came back, he had an alter-ego and generally was a bit neurotic, so you can be used to it. But I wouldn't be joking about death of a family member, nor would T.J. do. He was hungry for "fame", but not that much. Death is not an issue you can joke about...

I'm posting this because I know how important TW was for Matt. He kept telling me about his "battles" with some users (cannot remember their nicknames, though). Who knows, maybe he took virtual reality too serious? I know that he probably would like you to know he's not among us anymore. I know what kind of a person he was. He needed attention, he always wanted to be in the middle of events. You might have liked it or not, but please don't judge. It makes no difference at all now...

Please, don't post anything on his e-mail address. I can't delete it because I have no password, and reading letters he will never read is hard to bear for me. And please, if you didn't like him, stop yourself from saying anything unpleasant. It's a memorial thread and I hope it's not going to turn in a Matt's hatred thread.

Can anyone be so nice and tell me how to delete an account on TW? I would appreciate it a lot.

Matthew K. a.k.a. T.J. Newton
13/12/1984 - 12/10/2003
Rest In Peace

Thank you for your time and I apologise for my English, it's not very good.

And remember... please don't judge :(

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