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Auntie Prism
(stardust savant)
02/05/11 06:43 AM
So I recovered a 9/11 thread [re: ziggfried]  

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I'm a maverick!

Okay, I'm swayed! I know, moderating is not always the answer; in fact, too often moderating is the problem. We need smaller moderating, and a reduction on moderating for smaller posters. Because moderating hurts the smaller posters, and we need to take it away. We need to get moderators back on the side of the people. That's what I like about you, ziggfried; you're on the side of the people!

Tell me ziggfried, can you see TW from The Triumph of Stupidity?


So I was planning on retreading the TW Guide to Posting Your Genitals thread (in which attempts to answer this question re. attachments ended in farce) but I've something more practical to discuss regarding

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a project relating to re-posting deleted classic threads that [ziggfried] is overseeing.

… namely, does anyone know how to read the contents of a TW thread url? Three examples, and they're all different:

1) http://www.teenagewildlife.com/Interact/cp/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=coffee&Number=77418&page=1&view=collapsed&sb=7&part=

2) http://www.teenagewildlife.com/Interact/cp/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=coffee&Number=9832&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=7&part=

3) http://www.teenagewildlife.com/Interact/cp/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=coffee&Number=30871&page=&view=&sb=&vc=1

So the individual thread numbers are 77418, 9832 and 30871 respectively. No problem, cos these are all different threads. This is followed by '&page', then either 1, 0 or nothing—what does this denote? Why would these be different?

Then there is the view, which is either collapsed, or again blank. Threads can be displayed in either collapsed view or threaded view. In the case of the latter, the 'showflat.pl' would read 'showthreaded.pl' (further up in the address) and often the number of the threaded post appears at the end of the url with a hash tag. Obviously, I don't want threaded views, but why would there sometimes be 'nothing' where view=collapsed is written when they both are collapsed in appearance?

I've no idea what the 'sb=7' or 'sb=' refers to. Ditto 'vc=1', which appears in some addresses and not others. The 'part=' at the end will display the entire thread, I think, if you add 'part=all'.

I ask because I'm interested in trying out some of the most common variations on half a dozen threads in various 'website grabbing' sites, such as the Wayback Machine,* which *may* have captured them when they were still active in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, whatever was captured was done so in an extremely random and incomplete fashion, hence, I suppose the different forms of the addresses, described above. I've tried doing searches with wildcards, with asterisks after the thread number, which works sometimes but this, again, appears randomised. I don't really hope to recover anything in addition to what I already have, although I am curious what the gunk at the end of the addresses actually means.

* I've spent literally 10 or 12 hours in there, and I think I've exhausted it. So please don't waste your time.

Rather than words comes the thought of high windows

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