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01/03/02 11:43 AM
Glass Spider Live  

When Bowie announced his forthcoming Glass Spider tour, If I remember correctly, he said that the show would tell a "story" or have a theme running through it.

I was listening to the Montreal show the other day and decided to listen to the "spoken" bits between the songs -and try to work out what they saying/telling.

Here is my transcript of the spoken bits:

They get cluster - Instantagious
Four Teenagers in a car
They fixed hose pipes from the exhaust into the windows Ė did you hear me
Right there in a cluster
Youíre just not good enough
Youíre just not educated and cooperative
and youíre not allowed to talk about nothing
cause youíre made from the wrong stuff
wrong stuff (chanted)
ÖUp the Hill Backwards

She says real friends donít walk over real friends
She (canít make it out)
I will be back when you get it together
I donít intend to fall Ė it will be an accident
You mean you donít live like that?
Youíre not a friend?
We canít have rock stars cross breeding with normal people
ÖAbsolute Beginners

Ugly Time
Like falling on a knive
Ugly Time
Friends taking their life
Ugly Time
Like Government men
Beating on the door like a new future plan
Then thereís Thor son of Odin, undergod, heir of the realm eternal, the mightiest warrior in the nine worlds

I want to punch a whole in the sky
(foreign translation)
I want to touch the future
(foreign translation)
Itís chicken and feathers
(foreign translation)
Itís Rock n Roll
Itís like kissing a blow torch
(foreign translation)
Itís Rock n Roll
She doesnít take lovers she takes hostages
(foreign translation)
Itís Rock n Roll
Itís madness
Ö All the Madmen

end of Big BrotherÖ
Operators are standing by
(I canít make out the next few lines)
Ö Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family)

Can any one help me with the missing bits?
And can anyone help explain them??

PS I notice that by Canada, Bowie was getting tired of the "pantomime" and that there were less spoken pieces between songs, Big Brother was the last and that was only half way through the show. Does anyone know what was removed?

Tell them they can laugh at me

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