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trendy rechauffe
(cracked actor)
01/04/02 08:18 AM
Re: Glass Spider Live [re: nigelp]  

In reply to:

She says real friends don’t walk over real friends
She (can’t make it out)

Haven't heard the concert for years, but I think the line is something like:

She be your prize for being coolest.

This narrative came after Bang bang, which was a great performance.

During Bang bang, Bowie picks a girl "at random" from the audience to dance with him. The way she acted when she reached the stage would have led most of the crowd to have assumed she had never met Bowie before. She ends up dancing like a professional by the end of the song.

The narrative explains that it was all a trick and Bowie wouldn't have danced/lived with an ordinary member of the audience, hence "We can’t have rock stars cross breeding with normal people".

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