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01/08/02 02:46 PM
9/11 and NLMD  

I know that some of you will not like this post, but I want you to know that I posted it without wanting to hurt people's feelings.

Yesterday I was reading an article about the attacks of 9/11, like anyone else, I've felt very bad about it. Afterward I put on "Never Let Me Down" and reading the lyrics along with the cd, some phrases had a whole new meaning for me.

Before you think I'm into Nostradamus and stuff: absolutely not! But I've formed a text consisting of verses and pieces of the NLMD album and maybe then you will understand what I mean.

This city's all clean and waiting
I don't mean to wait too long
But this joint can't get much higher

Rockets shooting up into space
Buildings they rise to the skies

Rise buildings
Rise to the sky

You've arrived in the land of a thousand different names
And the fabulous sons have crashed their planes in flames
Rocket on thru the sky
Too much smoke, air conditioning gone
Now tomorrow's back claiming redemption is on your heels

New York's in flames

Stay low on the ground,
fire can drive you, savage and afraid

It's now the dead speak to the living
Nothing left here but a raging blaze

First thing she learns is she's a citizen,
some things they turn out right
When you're under the USA

Suddenly there's angels everywhere
Angels in a ton of sound
Bang Bang you all Angels

a macabre shrine of remains
it had many layers
Like floors in a building
When the breeze blew thru this construction
It produced sounds of wailing, crying

No hope heroes cover the page with depts in hell
And fingers in blood
Poor little bodies all covered in scabs threw it all away
Another life in the grave
Another life in the grave

God doesn't care if I'm good

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