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03/29/02 03:35 PM
Love-In Love-Out [re: RickW1977]  

You don't think it might possibly be about the ending of one relationship, and the beginning of another? The first relationship ending in the first verse:

Burning up each others' love, burning up our lives
Tried all kinds of working out, miracle goodnight
Future full and empty knocking on my door
Ragged limbed and hungry mama
Miracle no more

And asking for his new lover to "turn it around, make it alright", in the chorus? After the "goodnight" of the previous relationship, we have a second girl, the narrator's "morning star", hence the girl that comes after the goodnight. He tells this girl she's beautiful, and directs the whole:

I love you in the morning sun, I love you in my dreams
I love the sound of making love, the feeling of your skin
The corner of your eyes, I long forevermore
I never want to say goodnight, miracle goodnight

To this second girl.

Just a thought.

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

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