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05/26/02 05:05 PM
Comments [re: zimmo]  

Those are very good alternative interpretations, tv eye and zimmo. But I will throw out some disagreement for discussion's sake.

tv eye, the problem I have with your interpretation is that it denies personal responsibility. Is God really responsible for tearing the world asunder? Perhaps that is the point of the Heathen, that the problems are God's fault and He should fix them (though the Heathen supposedly doesn't believe in God, so there's a bit of a contradiction). I also find the use of the word "please" odd under this interpretation, since if the Heathen blames God for the problems, I don't see him being quite so polite. It sounds like whoever is demanding a better future truly cares about whomever he's making the demands of, but isn't willing to put up with further crap. This is more in line with a God persona than a Heathen persona.

As far as the parent/child interaction suggested by zimmo, the question I have about this is the references to the narrator's children. If this is coming from a small child, this is looking very far into the future - further into the future than I think most children do. If it's referring to an older child, then I think that older child would have already realised that taking care of the world is her responsibility as much as it is her parents'. Again it denies personal responsibility, which I don't see coming from a child who is already old enough to be thinking about her own children.

Let the discussion continue...


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