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(grinning soul)
07/11/02 11:25 AM
Brel and Bowie  

A while back in the Alladin Sane thread, the link between Bowie and Brel came up. I have long time thought about the link that exists between Bowie and Brel, but I haven't read much about this. I wonder who translated these songs for Bowie, why did Bowie cover several Brel songs in the early 70s (My Death, Amsterdam), and did the two ever meet???? In many ways Bowie and Brel depictures the same otherness and alienation, with anxiety as a turnpoint. Brel with his fascination for the drunk and down-and-outers, and Bowie with Ziggy from Mars, Alladin Sane (insanity), the Duke etc. Has anyone else thought about this?

The European Cannon is here

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