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03/28/03 07:12 PM
Re: Hours: The 13th Station [re: koolerthanjesus]  

I like the idea of the Outside album representing Jesus being nailed to the cross, very appropriate , didnt he tour briefly with Nine Inch Nails on the outside tour?

Another way of looking at the cover photo of Hours, would be to consider the song Thursdays child. In that song, Bowie's character reflects upon his failure in relationships in the past, that character has found a new rejuvenating love in the present, but in the song he is singing about the old version of himself.

On the cover of the album Bowie is sympathethically cradling a sick and sad version of himself. Look at their different haircuts, the haircut of the sick Bowie is different and similiar to 80's Bowie. Therefore it is possible the album cover is a visual representation of the song Thursdays child.

Fall into a place, were Black is White and white is Black.

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