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(mortal with potential)
04/04/03 10:02 AM
Re: Glass Spider (The Song) [re: Blooby]  

Yeah, he does have a really great speaking voice. I think I'll have to track down his narration of Peter and the Wolf now :)

I agree completely with Poorsoul. NLMD seems like Bowie put more effort into it than he did with Tonight, which was mostly just cover songs. I read on launch.com that NLMD was a psychedelic album, and Bowie himself referred to it as a drug album (though jokingly, I think. He was either almost completely cocaine free, or had gotten over his addiction by then). It gets kinda boring towards the last 3 or so tracks, but it's still rather good for the first half. I wonder why so many fans hate this album? The guy on Stardust completely tour this album to pieces. I think that perhaps it was the time period it came from, the end of Bowie's commercial and somewhat less sophisticated song writing stint? Who knows. The album is definately better than a lot of people made it out. If I had known what it was like, I wouldn't have bought it last in my Bowie collection ;p

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