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Angel Gone Heathen
04/04/03 05:54 PM
Re: Modern Love [re: LaughingGnoome]  

Escuse moi, but I did not need you to fly off the handle at me, I was not saying you are wrong, I merely stated that I disagree with you. The fact that you act as though I have insulted you when I merely gave an explanation as to why I thought your interpretation was incorrect is rather ludicrous, would you not agree? I was not trying to piss you off or say your interpretation was most definitely incorrect, nor did I imply that you are an idiot or anything of the nature for having such an interpretation. I do not want to win this little battle over the interpretation of Modern Love, a song which at this moment in time I do not feel like writing out an interpretation for. I am not going to try to prove you wrong because I can't do so - I merely disagree with your view on things.

Do not act as though I have done something to offend you when indeed all that I have done is tell you that I find my interpretation of the song, which I am not obligated to post, to be the correct one.

I would, however, like to add:

In reply to:

Also "Its not really work, its just the power to charm" - Bowie is saying that his experimentations with both sexes were not part of his pop star career, he didnt just do those things to help his career, he is not a fake.

If this song is about Bowie accepting his bisexuality, then why, during the Lets Dance era, did he so vehemently deny it? I don't think the lyrics that you are interpreting as such would be written by Bowie, such a bold statement considering the fact that he denied his continuance is bisexual promiscuity.

i had my Y chromosome surgically removed!
-the poster formerly known as CDS, now known as strangeDivine's bitch.

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