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04/14/03 10:17 AM
Aqualung and Ziggy Stardust  

Ian Anderson's "Aqualung" and David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust are very well formed literary creations from English rock and roll. Aqualung came out in 1971; Ziggy appeared a year later.

Both are quintessentially British characters who live and die in the nether regions of British society.

Aqualung is a character right out of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, a homeless man wandering lonely in the freezing winter. His comrades are Mother Goose, Johnny Scarecrow, and Cross-Eyed Mary.

Ziggy comes from Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray, a guitar virtuoso as beautiful and charismatic on the surface as he is selfish and malformed internally.

Aqualung spends an agonizing winter on the London streets only to die just as the flowers bloom in Spring.

Ziggy is killed by the kids who are so love-starved that they choose the beautiful Lady as their own Messiah.

Although Aqualung and Ziggy Stardust are as different as two characters can be, they both live on; Aqualung wanders lonely in the snowfall, and the Lady sings for posterity, despising the lonely children who have come to see him.

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