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(stardust savant)
04/23/03 10:41 PM
Re: Ouvre le chien? [re: LaughingGnoome]  

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A possibility for the Ouvre le Chien lyric is "barking mad" or "mad dog". Then "open the dog" would mean let it all out, encouraging the insane asylum denizens to express themselves. Many therapists prescribe art to the mentally ill, as expressing themselves using art is regarded as therapeutic.

Yeah, maybe you’re onto something there. It occurs to me that “zane” rhymes with “cane”. Cane Hill was the name of the psychiatric hospital that David’s brother Terry was a patient at. It was also represented on the Mercury cartoon cover of the TMWSTW album.

BTW Billy Zane was the villain from Titanic but he was the hero (who took away Audrey Horne’s cherry) in Twin Peaks. He was also The Phantom. I like Billy Zane.

Friends of the truss. You’ve been a breath filled crowd tonight. You’ve been positively fly boys. We are surely on our way, upon that superhighway of information. As far as I’m concerned, you are all number one packet sniffers.

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