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04/25/03 08:33 PM
Re: "Strange Drugs" [re: strangeDivine]  

I dont know much about Crowley, but that is a very good interpretation. "Scream Like A Baby" - The very name summons up an apparent contempt for the "misfits" and the "weak", or gentle.

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The kings of the earth

Reminds me of the "Kings of oblivion", in Bewlay Brothers. Yes Bowie mentioned Crowley and his "Golden Dawn" organisation in Quicksand. Hunky Dory is a very strange album at times.

Although i dont like to think a bright guy like Bowie would have to rely on a quote from someone like Crowley to make a lyric, unless he was making a specific point. However "drugs" do "strange" things to you... i guess, so the possibility of co-incidence exists. But given the overall nature of the paragraph by Crowley and the remarkable similiarity to the attitudes of the psycho's in the song, it could very well be true.

By the way, StrangeDivine, i have come to the conclusion lately that your own very namesake means something very similiar to "Strangedrugs". Pianocraft's excellent interpretation of Glass Spider (saying it is about a crack mother), and the following lyric from the song...

"Somewhere she glows divine"

Combined with the following Lyric from Alladin Sane.

"Sake and Strange Divine" - Meaning drink and drugs.

Interesting eh? :)

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I'm especially interested in imput from LaughingGnoome, considering her satanic animal sacrifice interpretation of 'Bewlay Brothers.'

Is there a female gnome around here somewhere!!!??? Cant wait to shake her furry little paw. I know, we often have no way of telling the gender of other posters, perhaps my new sig will help clarify the matter in future.

As for the Bewlay Brothers, i have been wondering about the name, Bewlay is a surname, i cant think of any other possible association except 124 different types of coffee...Maybe it is about someone else.

But adding all of this toghether, the facism of one of Bowie's occultic influences, the facism of the thin white duke (who has similiar views to Crowley - and references the occult), the Bewlay Brothers, scream... etc. It perhaps says a lot about the ideas the younger Bowie toyed around with.


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