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04/25/03 09:09 PM
Re: "Strange Drugs" [re: LaughingGnoome]  

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But adding all of this toghether, the facism of one of Bowie's occultic influences, the facism of the thin white duke (who has similiar views to Crowley - and references the occult), the Bewlay Brothers, scream... etc. It perhaps says a lot about the ideas the younger Bowie toyed around with.

First of all, at the risk of sucking-up, you are my favorite Interpretation poster. I see Scary Monsters as a healing album. It's an album that is the bookend of the 70's era, and his life in that era. In songs like Ashes to Ashes, and Teenage Wildlife, he is wrestling with his various demons and "growing up" in a sense.

To extend the occultic metaphor, the song Scream Like A Baby is in essence an exorcism. HE and a friend are the ones being tormented by fascists. HE is the 'weak' social outcast. He has turned the tables on himself (assuming that he did toy with ideologies of superiority) He is exorcising that aspect of his personality. And ironically, that's the WEAK part of his personality. The weak, insecure, vulnerable young man David used an outward appearance of coldness to hide. And as he comes to terms with who he is, he no longer needs that mask. And he is casting it aside like so much rubbish, but making himself a victim in the magical rite of songwriting.

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"Sake and Strange Divine" - Meaning drink and drugs.

Interesting eh? :)

Interesting indeed. :) You may very well be right about that.

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Is there a female gnome around here somewhere!!!??? Cant wait to shake her furry little paw. I know, we often have no way of telling the gender of other posters, perhaps my new sig will help clarify the matter in future.

Many apologies! I always got a female impression from you (I believe because of your old avatar that depicted Bowie in a hat some time around the Diamond Dogs era. I think it may have come form the same photo shoot he did with William S. Burroughs.) That picture always had a feminine quality to me. So I think that's what created that impression. Now I know better!

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