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(electric tomato)
04/25/03 09:46 PM
Re: "Strange Drugs" [re: strangeDivine]  

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First of all, at the risk of sucking-up, you are my favorite Interpretation poster.

Hmmm, we can perhaps discuss this further in the filthy Haiku thread . No seriously thanks, i do try...sometimes. I would certainly count you among the more worthwhile TW posters yourself.

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To extend the occultic metaphor, the song Scream Like A Baby is in essence an exorcism. HE and a friend are the ones being tormented by fascists. HE is the 'weak' social outcast.

Yes, i agree. The whole "facist" controversy haunted him i know, very hard to live something like that down. Then listen to "its no game", another very left wing song indeed, in part about the third world, the song seems to grimace in disgust at the malkovian philosophies of the thin white duke.

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(assuming that he did toy with ideologies of superiority)

I think he did, referring to himself as the "European Cannon" alone speaks of this. "European Cannon" suggesting the nature of the old relationship between the first world and the third.

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That picture always had a feminine quality to me. So I think that's what created that impression. Now I know better!

Yes i know, but in the sixties looking like that would be normal, so i dont think that was the image he was trying to convey particularly. I always liked it because mentally i fixed that image with the wild beauty of one of my fav Bowie songs "big brother". And because i was new and didnt want to stick out too much (as a normal picture probably would have!), with a "girlie" picture and all , show my feminine side .


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