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(wild eyed peoploid)
08/02/03 08:08 PM
First interpretation of NKS  

This is from BowieNet earlier today. The interpretation is not mine, but another fan's. I posted earlier in the "news, views, etc" forum the complete lyrics of New Killer Star. Now here is one fan's interpretation of them:

New Killer Star

See a great white scar - The planes coming to the WTC

Over Battery park - Where the WTC was located near

Then a flare glides over - The planes Hit the WTC

But I won稚 look at that scar - Sailor won't look at the holes, like all the vistors do when they come here..I have yet been there..

Oh, my nuclear baby - Bombs , or planes used as a bomb
Oh, my idiot trance - shocked by the whole thing
All my idiot questions - " Why , Why, Why
Let痴 face the music and dance - Concert for NYC - I was there..

Don稚 ever say I知 ready, I知 ready, I知 ready - We ( NYC) were so unprepared

I never said I知 better, I知 better, I知 better - I living in the USA, and in NYC, never said I was better than anyone in this world, we are all equals..People THINK we see us as better..wrong..

Don稚 ever say I知 ready, I知 ready, I知 ready - Same as above

I never said I知 better, I知 better, I知 better than you

All the corners of the buildings - which are not there anymore

Who but we remember these - I see still them there ( In my mind)

The sidewalks and trees - Which were replanted and starting to look good

I知 thinking now - Wishing for a better future for all

I got a better way - No more War and Hate..

I discovered a star - The mind, and understanding

I got a better way - Lets live in peace..please

Ready set go - Lets START now..

I got a better way
A new killer star
I got a better way
Ready set go
I got a better way
The stars in your eyes
I got a better way
Ready set go
I got a better way
I discovered a star
I got a better way
Ready set go

All my life in a comic - Living in love and fear

Like the way they did the bible - Lots of shit happen back then

With the bubbles and action - living life

The little details in color - Dreams and memories..

First a horseback bomber - The highjackers

Just a small thin chance - Never thought it happen in that way..

Like seeing Jesus on Dateline - so unbelieveable

Let痴 face the music and dance - Get real - REALITY

Peace to all my brothers ans sisters around the word..
I as a person, love everyone, and I am not better than anyone, BUT no one is better than me either..

No one has the right to take a life..
Lets just work on our own lives and make it better for each other..
Hey we all live on the same plant, dammit..

Interesting, innit?


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