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(wild eyed peoploid)
08/11/03 08:24 PM
Candidate (Demo)  

Has anyone done an in-depth interpretation of this beautiful song? I'll try to do one at some point, but haven't the time now.

I gather it's about sex and a repressive society where certain sex acts--as well as certain love acts--are forbidden. But I was wondering if the song is sung from the point of view of a hustler who sells himself or from the point of view of a john who buys sex. At times, I think the song is from the hustler's point of view, and then it switches to where I think it might be from the john's point of view.

Also, what exactly is a "candidate"? Is it a reference from 1984? I havent' read that since . . . geez, high school, which I graduated from 20 years ago (no, I won't be going to the 20-year reunion--went to the 10-year and noted that all the jocks and cheerleaders looked pudgy, balding, and sad--and although that made me smile for a bit, I don't want to see what TWENTY years has done to anyone).

Thanks to anyone with some insight on this. I ran a search, but did not find much discussion, other than the thread on "Tommy Tinkram's bed."



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