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08/12/03 08:23 PM
Re: Cool-ass Bowie tune [re: strangeDivine]  

Wow! StrangeDivine, you ROCK!

Eww! EJSunday, you KIDDIN'? It's an amazing song. I can't believe he didn't include it in the album. I would have rather seen a less inspired song, like Rebel, Rebel, lay in the vaults all those years until Ryko finally released it.

Candidate (Demo) is hauntingly beautiful, and thanks for the additional interpretation and imagery, StrangeDivine. I also think the sexual metaphors in the song give it another dimension, though. In addition to the 1984 references, it seems it can almost stand alone as a commentary on repressive politcal and societal regimes. In 1984, too, much of what was repressed involved love and sex. If you stifle political--or sexual--expression, you create a number of perhaps unintended side effects, such as revolutionary thinking to overthrow the very repressors, and a focus on the "negative" aspects of sexuality (prostitution, sexual violence, abuse, etc.).

What a lovely song. EJSunday, go listen to it again.

Last, I should have put this thread in Interpretation, so others can more easily find your analysis StrangeDivine.


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