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08/13/03 03:53 AM
Re: FUCK me pumps?? [re: QueenDice]  

I think DB curses well because he curses with restraint. It isn't very meaningful when, say, Colin Farrell, say fuck or fucking, because he says it every fucking other fucking word.

It's kinda like the boy who cried "wolf." If you become the boy who cried "fuck," at some point it doesn't mean anything when you curse.

Bowie is very much the well-mannered type, so when he does curse it seems to suit him because he is selecting those words for a reason.

There is nothing more aggravating to me than people who use swearing out of laziness or out of a limited vocabulary. "That's fucking cool!" "That was fucking great!" "That fucking rocks!" Gee, how EXPRESSIVE all this is! Don't these habitual swearers know any other adjectives for God's sake!

The way Bowie curses is all (fucking ) fine and well with me.

Fuckin' Peace, Man


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