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(crash course raver)
08/13/03 11:47 PM
EJ'Silly [re: strangeDivine]  

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Inside every teenage girl there's a fountain
Inside every young pair of pants there's a mountain

It also reminds me of a line from Bachelorette by Bjrk - "I'm a fountain of blood / In the shape of a girl". There was another connection I came up with but I can't recall what it was at the moment.

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Inside every mother's eyes is Tommy Tinkrem's bed

I think you missed a very obvious connection here between the nursery rhyme and the idea of sexual dormancy, which could be taken two ways. Firstly, there's the idea of teenage sexual rebellion ( la Rebel Rebel), that parents don't want to see their children grow up, in a sense, and take a nave view as towards their sexual activity come puberty. Alternately, it could refer to the concept of (female) Party members being conditioned to become completely passive and unresponsive (or, in other words, dormant) while having sex so that it becomes a means of procreation alone and not one of pleasure.

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Inside every candidate waits a grateful dead

I disagree that this refers to Party members "taking a stand against the system". Rather, I think it's in reference to the brainwashing that Winston (and other rebels) were subjected to in order to make them love Big Brother. Supposedly, some time after this process, they would be assassinated but, because of their conditioning, would accept it as the natural thing (and even be grateful for it).

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More mocking, self-loathing comments ringing in his mind. He is a parody of his former ideals.

I think you're forgetting that he was brainwashed to reject his old self, yet also became at peace with himself because he'd completely given up control of his life. Therefore, I don't think he was capable of self-loathing, especially with regards to who he became. I think it's still fair to say that it's a parody, just not one he's conscious of.

Research has pierced all extremes of my sex

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