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(mortal with potential)
09/28/03 07:16 PM
Re: Who is the man who sold the world? [re: ladystardust1989]  

Recently I've been lookin up on the psychology of David Bowie in comparison to Jim Morrison, and how they compare.

My friend is a big fan of Jim's and we argued about both of their principles in their representation of their music.

A point we got to was that Bowie in his early days seems to resemble a character that is unaware that his thoughts and feelings are being portrayed in his music, ie. his wildness, his glamour and his outgoing persona, whereas the strength of Jim Morrison lay in some terms in his ability to determine what he had been thinking about over periods of time. Jim's track, 'the end', resembles the quality that he just wanted to get something out of his system.

This may conclude that Bowie's inability to resemble what his work was about may possible be in direct or indirect connection to his personality, how he wishes to present hisself (we know that bit) and what he is thinking.

You've been a good help in this discussion, laura.

He's Chameleon, Comedian, Corinthian and Caricature

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