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(mortal with potential)
10/05/03 02:55 PM
Re: Who is the man who sold the world? [re: marksyzm]  

Has anyone heard of Jim Boowen? He is the british version of Jim Carrey, he is an absolute awesome talent and isn't appreciated enough as he should be. If that wasn't enough, he has often been referred to as The Man Who Sold The Dart and Bully Machine. If only he played a musical instrument, he'd certainly be up there with Rolf Harris, Status Quo and Showaddywaddy.

In a recent interview with Sandal Magazine he claimed that the instrumental of Weeping Well had been written about him. A chance meeting in the Summer of 1975 was deemed to be the inspiration for most of Bowies up and coming work. Dressed in a flat cap, ice white jogging socks and a adult all in one baby suit, Bowie could see the fashion and automatically translated the image into most of the songs for the albums of Low and Heroes. Be My Wife was written to Jim (during the period where bowie was very experimental) as a sort of marriage proposal and Joe The Lion was the name of Jim's favourite pub. Incidently, the song Fashion was written about Jim Boowen, the rest is history, nuff said.

"...Do sit down sergeant, shocks are so much better absorbed with the knees bent!..."

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