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(stardust savant)
12/04/03 08:37 AM
Titles and Lyrics, Lyrics and Titles  

Inspired by Strawman's thread TW's Observational skills

Some of the great wealth of David Bowie songs have titles that are not directly explained in the song lyrics. In some cases it's pretty obvious, like with Alabama Song. In other cases, you may wonder why, for instance with Seven Years in Tibet, was named that way. I guess some of the not understanding why may come from being not a native English. In other cases, well... in this thread I want to collect all your visions to what you think made Bowie call a song this or that. Out of my head I combined a list of the songs, like Strawman intrumentals and Outside segues are not included. If I have forgotten songs, or placed songs on the list that shouldn't be there, please correct me.

(in alphabetical order)

* A Small Plot of Land, Alabama Song;
* Battle for Britain (the Letter), Betty Wrong, Bombers;
* Chant of the Ever-Circling Skeletal Family, Conversation Piece, Cracked Actor, Cygnet Committee;
* Eight Line Poem;
* Future Legend;
* Heathen (the Rays);
* LAW (earthlings on fire), Letter to Hermione;
* Memory of a Free Festival;
* Queen Bitch;
* Repetition;
* Seven Years in Tibet, Song for Bob Dylan, Space Oddity, Sunday;
* The Motel, The Revolutionary Song, The Wedding Song, The Width Of A Circle;
* Untitled No. 1

I think that's it. Feel free to pick one and elaborate on why you think Bowie named that song in that way.

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