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(stardust savant)
04/28/04 01:52 PM
Nothing will keep us together [re: tomosuke]  

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We cannot see KU-U by five senses or even eight senses of Buddhism. We should open ourselves to the nature and forget the self to see this real shape of the world through our mind-eye.

At least a couple authors I know of have used the term "dazzling darkness" to describe such a concept in English. I quite like that term.

The "to" suggests to me that the intended recipient of the praise is either not receiving the praise, or is not a conscious being that is capable of receiving praise in the sense with which we are familiar. Or, the narrator cannot tell whether they are receiving the praise. I have an image of the narrator sending bottled messages TO this thing that is being addressed, with little or no assurance that the messages will reach their intended destination..

It's a campaign: it has nothing to do with art

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