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(stardust savant)
05/13/04 08:32 AM
Hooked on Vaseline  

We move just like tigers on vaseline - Hang onto Yourself, Bowie

He's too busy hitting the vaseline - Wow, Kate Bush

Let me just expose my ignorance for a few moments. When I first heard Hang onto Yourself I assumed the above line meant that they danced so crazy that they seemed like a couple of wild animals slipping around on a floor covered with the vaseline you buy in the shops.

Time has made me wonder, for again and again I hear vaseline mentioned as if it is a veiled reference to something else.

All of you probably know what it is. One of those things that has escaped everyone but me up to this point in my life. But can someone help me out here? I've tried thinking of rhyming slang, to no avail. Is it alcohol? Hitting the bottle is a good guess considering the reference to self-important actors in 'Wow'.

Speed? 'We dance like two tigers on speed'?

What is meant by vaseline? Besides the smelly stuff you might buy in a chemist.

"I lost my virginity in Vancouver a month ago, the show was excellent but I had crappy seats."

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