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(cracked actor)
06/29/04 05:02 PM
Been a minute [re: Adam]  

I haven't played this game in a while...so I think Ill babble about the rest of the song for a minute (please forgive my pointing out the obvious).

Well, I guess the beginning is even more obvios than I thought. The word "Californication" (I'm sure we all agree) is basically saying sex sells, and thats what Hollywood sells. "Psychic spies from China" I think can be taken as, everyone else considers the hollywood sex crap just that. Crap. Pipedreams, time wasted. While they may be in the right, we star-struck kids think theyre just trying to take our happiness away. Kids all over stare at the movies and dream of perfect glamour (incidently, while the "silver screen quotation" line may not be a direct nod to Bowie, I do think it has the same general feel as Life on Mars?. Actually, I think Californication and Life on Mars? are very similar in the general wash the songs give). Anyway! Although the sun rises in the East, it sets on Hollywood. It's the "it," the be-all end-all. Its understood that Hollywood sells sex, but not just that, dreams.

Obviously, striving for eternal youth, eternal beauty, eternal glamour.

"Marry me girl" is that same fantasy feel. Lets get married, cos we'll always be young and beautiful and fruitful...and dammit we'll be famous too! Have everything we wanted.

"Space may be the final frontier," but hey, Hollywood made it! This line I look at like yeah...that may be the REAL be-all end-all, but Hollywood is the fantasy one. I'm having a hard time here putting what I mean into words...so I hope someone gets it. It may be the "it," but hell, we can recreate it AND make it look better! Cobain I think it got to. I mean the Hollywood crap. He wasn't satified with the rhinestone encrusted Hollywood version, he went to see the real thing. Now Cobain...were we right? Is the universe really and pretty and glitterific like we told you it was? Do they sing Bowie out there like we told you they do? (Here...I think my point would be better made if Ziggy was used instead of S2S, like you said Adam. But since this isn't a Bowie song, I think the mention of ANY Bowie album is enough to spring to mind images of plastic and glitter in non-die hard Bowie fans. Who is more fake than Bowie?).

With not much left to go, I think Ill breathe here and see if anyone bothers to read this anyway.

I'm gonna change my name to shit and slap you everytime you say it.

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