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(mortal with potential)
07/10/04 01:46 PM
hypercycles, 'ziggy', cut-ups ect.  

if anyone has any information on these subjects, it would be much appreciated,
as i'm sure these few things would answer many questions..

also, so far i've gathered a few other impressions of things
and questions on a basket of subjects..:

relations(and/or tensions) of 3rd,4th,&5th dimensional space
atomic implications of music or sound(john cage-ish, i think)
+'black noise' and 'black hole kids/infintes' by my indexical
knowledge; - this as refering to the interview with W.S. Burroughs
that he did.
old 'power myths' or myths of power containment/power source
(Jung has things on this, i believe)
+the 'electricity' of 'Ziggy'(also refering to the interview), the burning bush ect.
many of these impressions are articulated on 'Aladdin Sane'.
i suppose the formula would be Z = A, by a 'aufhebung' concept
-(but what isn't?).

i'm sorry if what i've assembled it seems idiotic or marginal.
any answers would help much. thanks

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