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(cricket menace)
06/12/07 11:25 AM
Re: Glass Spider Live [re: nigelp]  

The best I can come up with is that the dialogue loosely follows the plight of teenagers that have grown up on the wrong side of town and whom were possibly orphans.

The opening track 'Glass Spider' is about maternal abandonment. The second track 'Day in Day Out' also suggests this (she was born in a handbag.....love left on a doorstep) before tracing her trajectory as she grows older.

Some of the more coherant text.....

In reply to:

You’re just not good enough
You’re just not educated properly
and you’re not allowed to talk about nothing
cause you’re made from the wrong stuff

....describes how their upbringing (poor education, percieved lower class) comes back to stunt them. The song that follows describes their struggle (Up The Hill Backwards) as does some of 'Day In Day Out' which describes the difficulties faced by the central female character.

Some of her friends, it appears are about to commit suicide (four teenagers in a car.....they fixed hose pipes from the exhaust into the windows) - and later again (Ugly Time, Friends taking their life).

The reference to "Government men beating on the door" could be the same authorities in 'Day In Day Out' (in the video, the police and army arrive at her home).



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