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06/12/07 12:34 PM
Glass Spider Mysteries Revealed [re: K]  

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Wonder who the idiot woman singing along in all the songs on the Glass Spider live video is.

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I've wondered that myself.

This came up on the BDU discussion group several years ago. Here was verdict from one of our members:

I know the very woman you are talking about. I got to know her quite well since I was standing next to her most nights. Her name was Sarah and she was from America. She is a real die hard fan. She saw every show of the Glass Spider tour (America and Europe). David got to know her so well that when he found out she was going to follow the tour to Australia he gave her an "All Access Pass" for all the Oz shows. That is why she could just walk out and stand in the front, centre position each night. It pissed me off at first because that was my position she was standing in god damn it ;-) But after a while she grew on me and she told us some incredible back stage stories. Don't ask, I'm not repeating them. Let's just say that Coco hated her to death.

She did know all the words to every song (put me to shame). She even did that that weird arm dance that David and the transvestite dancer (can't remember his name) did during Absolute Beginners. She was a little bit weird but. She showed us pictures of just her standing alone and insisted that David was standing next to her, he just didn't show up in the pictures when she got them developed.

P.S. She was only a legal secretary. Don't ask me how she afforded all this.



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