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06/13/07 10:08 AM
Re: Glass Spider Mysteries Revealed [re: Adam]  

It's the whole rock star thing isn't it? They're not so transfixed when the whole charisma and presence isn't within grasping distance.

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Like many older fans, she was probably suceptible to the ebb and flow of Bowie's work (Tin Machine followed).

You know, I've always thought that Tin Machine was a good yardstick for seperating the Bowie tragics from the mere fans. If you can find something of worth in Tin Machine, it's clear you're obviously a pretty fucken dedicated Bowie tragic. That said, Tin Machine get a pretty unfair wrap.

Pain is hearing Bowie and Mickey Rourke trading rap lines on 'Shining Star (Making My Love)'. Yes, the actor Mickey Rourke makes an appearance on a David Bowie album credited as "rapper".

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