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(crash course raver)
12/05/00 11:58 PM
Wiser than dreams [re: PrairieFlower]  

I'm not going to interpret this, 'cause I rarely find interpretations interesting. I'm just going to comment that this is one of my favourite songs Bowie's made in the nineties. "Now I'm wiser than dreams". That's just beautiful. Of course, I don't care too much for the Earthling version, 'cause I think all its charm is killed by computers. But I have a couple of acoustic versions in my collection, and they are absolutely wonderful. Bowie should play more acoustic stuff. He's an old man. He shouldn't do rock & roll or drum & bass or stuff like that. I love his voice on the acoustic versions of such songs as "Quicksand", "Seven Years in Tibet", "Life on Mars?", "Aladdin Sane", "«Heroes»" and "Dead Man Walking". He sounds like a tired old man, not a jolly old fool singing songs of another generation.

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