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(cracked actor)
04/05/08 10:53 AM
Re: Nun teen ate a foe [re: guiltpuppy]  

I love the beginning of this song. The funky rhythm reminds me of the paranoia drenched top 40 of songs of the very early seventies like "Smiling Faces" and "The Backstabbers."

One of the themes of Diamond Dogs is that rock and roll is leading to extreme decadence and is harming society. In addition to the climactic line in Future Legend, Bowie sings: "People will hold us to blame" in the song We Are The Dead.

In 1984 Bowie continues this theme: "The times they are a-telling and the changing isn't free."

In 1984 Bowie is singing of a future where rock stars are tortured, tried, and held responsible for ruining a culture. They are so filled with fear that they are "shooting up on anything" and "Lord I'd take an overdose if you knew what's going down."

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