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Adam Moderator
(crash course raver)
10/23/02 05:00 AM
Future Bowie albums revealed  

Having charted Bowie's progress in the 1980s and 1990s, we can make several predictions about what will appear in the next decade.

Heathen appears to be a stop gap album to fill a void between 1999 and 2003, whereby Bowie will return to his global plan:

Operating on a ten year cycle, 2003 will see the release of a funk influenced Nile Rogers produced album. Following the trend of previous decades (and the longevity of Heathen in the charts), this album will debut at number 1 in the UK.

Following up this album, Bowie will retreat from the mainstream and release one of his most creative, underground records ever. Critics will suggest that Bowie has learnt his lesson from the 1980s, although more observant fans will point out that the album was in fact due and can only be released in years divisable by 5. This album will be produced by Eno or Visconti or potentially both.

Another ten year cycle, here we shall see an album which fuses the earlier funk/dance aspects with heavier guitars. In terms of side men, this will be recorded with a mixture of both new and old, although the guitarist is likely to draw some strong opinions.

A simpler rock guitar oriented album will be released, and more than likely a reunion with Gabrels if not the maligned Sales brothers. In previous decades this occurred in form of Tin Machine 1 & 2). This album alternates between the start and end of each decade. Expect a sequel in 2011 and a live album in 2012.

An MOR easy listening album. These albums operate on a 15 year cycle and have previously occured in the form of Hours (1999) and Tonight (1984). Fortunately, the next one is not due until 2014.

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