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(grinning soul)
10/23/02 08:16 PM
Re: Future Bowie albums revealed [re: Adam]  

Bowie will create another groundbreaking album. Fans will continue to believe that this is record introduces, like the Earthling and the Heathen. Bowie will insist that those where just titles to a record. Of course fans ignore this and dissect all of the songs. Believing that they are a part of a complex story. Bowie will announce that they are just songs. Fans think its an act.

Giving birth to the persona "Tha Bed Azz Muther" Bowie will make a jump in styles, creating a rap album.

2.Contamination is released. Only the title is spelled 2Conetamanashun, proving once again that this will be another rap album. The misspelling of the track listing confuses many people, such included are Boonse Tgy Starrdost, Lts Dans remxxx (hooe dans 2), yet it will still gather a cult following due to the fact that it is not eazzly accessable, much like 1.outside.

Late 2007
Fullfilling the contract with Lucifer a remix album is made.

Another artsy album is made. Everyone will hail it as an comback, critics will adore it. On a creative wave Bowie announces he will make 3.Me.

3.Me is realesed. All of the tracks are in fact a set of laws that do not exist, this confuses everyone....untill in a public announcment is made that Bowie is absolute ruler of the planet.

Despite being a ruthless ruler Bowie creates another 'classic' record.

After many attempts to over throw our Supreme Master of the Realms Lord Bowie, the majestic one records Tonight 2. All of the Earths citizens are forced to buy it, or they will be forbidden to have sex, as puishment forever.

An album is created praising how great our master is.

Numerous Best Ofs are made. Everyone must buy it.....or no sex...FOR EVERYONE!!!!

Iman kicks Bowie in the balls for being such an asshole. Bowie apologises by releasing all of his rare recordings, tours for free, performes laughing gnome live, gives up the throne, and has sex with everyone.

Another groundbreaking record is made.

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