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12/09/03 09:35 AM
Question is...who are the real robots? [re: bowiefanpeter]  

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I saw their one song performance on the MTV europe awards, and thought it was one of the highlights of the show. Alot of effort and thought went into the production. It's much better than a shoe-gazing bands that smokes pot and "jams" onstage. KW are unquestionably unique.

Well done - you nailed it exactly. This is the appeal of Kraftwerk live.

I suppose it depends on your view of rock, and particularly how it should be performed. If you think it should endlessly repeat the same visual and attitudinal cliches from now to the year dot in neverending juvenilia, then you should probably go to see any one of the 99% of rock acts out there that pander to you. But if you want something different from a bunch of Sum 41 frat boys jumping around and grimacing, Kraftwerk is one of the few acts that will give you something genuinely different.

Slan libh,


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