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12/22/03 08:16 AM
Re: That's Funny [re: poorsoul]  

Yes indeedy Poorsoul we are agreed,Is this HIStory in the making? lol.Yes i LOve "The League of Gentlemen",It was indeed very funny and highly original,Alas as you say!,The third season was poor in comparison,Have you ever seen the Live DVD at Drury Lane?,That is very funny,I also did'nt go much on that Christmas special they had out a couple of years back now,Thought it was tired and contrived.The characters!,All of them have such wonderful seedy backgrounds LOL,Its difficult to pick favs really?,But i must include the frustrated lesbian Pauline with her pens LOL and Tubbs( poor cow lol),Babs cabs has me in stiches lol,All that talk of him waiting for his operation,When he talks to his passengers about Thursday being The BIGGY OP LOL,Classic BBC comedy.
I did enjoy Bo-Selecta until that chronic Crimbo song,I actually thought he was taking the genuine rize out of his characters,Until i saw that dreadful Crimbo trash with Sir Bob Geldof resemebling Val Donican,Please take it off lol.
As for new sitcoms?,I cannot actually think of one?,Although i do enjoy Paul Merton and room 101,Other than that?,Im sorry to say that British television is chronic now...

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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