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(mortal with potential)
12/31/03 07:28 PM
Re: Tours [re: AlysonSane]  

Thanks for everyone who posted a response, sorry this has been debated before, i'm kinda new on here. One thing i would like to say and it is reiterating a point made in a couple of posts. STOP SLAGGING OFF GLASS SPIDER TOUR. I saw Bowie in 87 in cardiff on my 21st birthday, the first concert i has ever been to, it was amazing, i was saddened the weather stopped him doing TIME, but apart from that i thought it was fantastic, for god sake he did Absolute beginners, All the Madmen, Sons of the silent age and Big brother!!!!!

who could ask for a better 21st birthday present?

It's sad this period has been so derided when there is a lot to be said for it. At the time NLMD was the best album he had released since scary monsters (OK I know they ALL are!) ;-)

Let's celebrate the past not deride it.

Day after day, they take my friends away, to a mansion cold and grey, to the far side of town.

Oh have a great 2004 (can we have a little less released this year though, it got very expensive lol)
All I want is a 30th anniversary diamond dogs and a new album (just one edition will suffice)

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