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01/13/04 04:39 AM
Re: Hours, Heathen, Reality. [re: Tristan]  

Hours has gone up a lot in my estimation recently. It's certainly the starting point of this current Bowie phase, and in Something In The Air it does possess one out and out classic. The songwriting is fairly high standard throughout. What stops it from being any better than good is the underproduction. Notwithstanding the late-in-the-day polish applied, it still sounds thrown together for a game soundtrack. Had it gotten a full production from the start, it could have been so much better.

Heathen is on its way to being Bowie's accepted late career classic. Reviews at the time were muted to good, overall no better than most of Bowie's 90s albums, but unlike Bowie's 90s albums word of mouth kept it selling for much longer, and eventually the critics came on board too. Heathen was a crucial album as it proved to everyone, not least himself, that Bowie could write alone again. And not just do it, but produce his most popular and acclaimed album in ages in so doing.

Reality has gotten better reviews, Bowie's most consistently good in decades, but for whatever reason hasn't had the same impact on the fanbase. Maybe it was just too soon after Heathen, and people weren't ready to absorb a whole new album that is quite different to Heathen. Or maybe like Dice suggests it's the lack of conceptual unity. Personally I love it, but accept that it has the feeling of being minor, almost a footnote.

Slan libh,


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