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01/13/04 11:51 PM
Re: Hours, Heathen, Reality. [re: Emilio]  

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I have the same problem with "Heathen" that I have with "Heroes": since I seem to be the only one who doesn't realise its brilliance, I guess I'm not in the right frame of mind/position/perspective/whatever to understand it.

Actually, "Heroes" doesn't seem to be quite as well-received as Low, which has always seemed rather odd to me, since they're so similar, so I wouldn't say that you're necessarily in the minority there. Heathen, on the other hand, does seem to receive more than its fair share of praise. Sure, it's an improvement on 'hours...' but not by much. Heathen (The Rays) is particularly overrated, though admittedly some would say the same of Bring Me The Disco King.

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