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(electric tomato)
01/18/04 09:01 AM
Re: Hours, Heathen, Reality. [re: pablopicasso]  

Tell you what i did hear the other day on Bowieaudio?,I heard the new version of "London Boys"and it fair blew my mind,The violins sound so manic,Its difficult sometimes to take to new versions of such old favs,I also noticed some speech changes!.IE In the original London Boys hes sings "Butter and bread"the new version its"Budder and bread"I NO likey that:-(,If thats the case?,Then singing the line"You can't read a thing cause the meter is dead",Should be sung thus"You can't read a thing cause the meadder is dead",It just duznt work does it,Keep the word Butter NOT Budder...
I really wish they would release Toys,Just how many tracks are there please?.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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