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Sysiyo Moderator
(thunder ocean)
03/11/04 07:17 AM
Re: careful! [re: diamondogz74]  

I goddamn thought I made sure there was only one d in the middle! Well, I quess this is the revenge of my subconciousness for all the times my name has been miswritten in these boards.

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Bowie IS releasing rarities. Double check the new album.....

I count four officially released outtakes. Fly, Queen Of All The Tarts, Love Missile F1-11 and Waterloo Sunset. OK, I admit, nice stuff. But still, no (previously unreleased) outtakes for Ziggy, Aladdin or DD 30th when we know some exist, and considering Bowie's habit of keeping his vaults 'secure' there are dbound to be more. We also know there were more tracks cut in the Outside and Earthling (and even BTWN) sessions, but those are not released. And the projected tracklisting for the 'hours...' rerelease will not even include all the B-side outtakes released in 1999!

60 minutes... could you provide us with a tracklisting? Since that sounds like you have agenuine rarityin your hands.

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