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Sysiyo Moderator
(thunder ocean)
04/20/04 05:34 PM
Re: AAAAaaaaRRRRggggHHH!!!! [re: RabbitFighter]  

In reply to:

I was spending the easter at Sysiyo's place and the rotten bastard played all sorts of creepy 80's mixes. I must have heard Magic Dance about 15 times during the weekend. I will kill someone if i'll ever hear that song again...

I played A Dance Mix halfway through after which I had to stop because you protested so much.

Also, Dub Mixes:

Dancing With The Big Boys - The Extended Dance Mix with lead vocals dubbed (but backing vocals retained). Personally I prefer the Ext. Dance mix.
Tonight - The Vocal Dance Mix without the vocals. Definately the best version of this song.
Loving the Alien - The album version with most instruments dubbed during the verses but full orchestration during the chorus and outro. Definately the best version available. Includes full vocals.
Dancing In the Streets - Lead vocals dubbed and saxophone added.
Absolute Beginners - vocals dubbed.
Underground - The extended dance mix with everything but the backing beat dubbed.
Magic Dance - Basically a different (and superior) take of A Dance Mix, not a genuine dub mix.
Never Let Me Down - The Ext. Dance Mix with some (but not all) vocals dubbed. The piece has also been edited so that if you try to sing karaoke-like during the instrumental breaks you end singing different lines than Bowie when he starts again.

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