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(stardust savant)
04/22/04 12:57 PM
Re: SLIP AWAY [re: zigbot]  

Hi zigbot

I find you post very interesting, its how I myself actually read the song also. i think its a beautiful song with wonderful lyrics.

Sad and happy, the part in the song where he sings about 1982 being the joke we always knew, i take it thats something to do with that television show also ?

I hope you enjoy the show , im not that keen on the polyphonic spree still it might sound really good ? please let us know.

BTW all this talk of nostalgia reminds me of a brilliant autobiography i once read, by the French actress Simone Signoret, the title she got from a new york subway train, it was called "Nostalgia is'nt What it Used to Be"

Humming Rheingold
We scavenge up our clothes

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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