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Adam Administrator
05/03/04 10:46 AM
Bowie's Doppelganger: Zaine Griff  

Described by Visconti as a Bowie look a like, Zaine Griff was once groomed as the next David Bowie.

He studied with dance and movement teacher Lindsay Kemp and made two albums - 1980's Ashes & Diamonds (co-produced by Tony Visconti) and 1982's Figures which featured fellow mime student Kate Bush on backing vocals for the title track, a tribute to Kemp.

Through Visconti, Zaine met Bowie . Together, they re-recorded three Bowie songs with Griff's band. One of these was the new version of Space Oddity.

Tony Visconti said last year: "The acoustic version of 'Space Oddity' was recorded for the Kenny Everett show later in 1979, and was never meant to be a single. Andy Duncan is on drums and a Bowie look-a-like, Zaine Griff, is on bass. I temporarily forget the pianist. David, again, played 12 string."

I am just wondering if anyone has heard music by this Griff fellow and also whether you might want to speculate what the other two songs were. (I could take a guess at Panic in Detroit but I don't have the S&V liner notes handy).

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