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(mortal with potential)
08/03/04 05:21 PM
Re: Oh, really? [re: zigbot]  

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Personally, I was peeved when David made fun of his lyrics to The Supermen after a number of the shows when he sang it this tour. In Loveland, Colorado, I wanted to jump out of the second row and ring his little neck when, after performing the song, he recited some of the lyrics in a mock serious tone and poked fun at them. Then, in Austin two days later (I wasn't there for that one, but heard the boot), he joked that he wrote the song during that "phase" everyone goes through when they're around 18 years old and "just sit on the bus" with an impressive book visible peeking out of their pocket (I think he said it was Sartre or Nietzsche or something)

Well, clearly the book would be Nietzsche... What do you like about the lyrics? I like the song as well -- I think it's hilarious!

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